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We provide cloud computing, big data, devops consulting and cost reduction services. We are cloud cost reduction experts.

We still have a few available meeting slots for the Frankfurt tour, November 2015. If you’re interested in hearing about our Cloud Computing Consulting, Big Data Consulting, Devops Consulting, Cloud Computing Cost Reduction or discussing your elastic architecture with the expert, please contact us to allocate your slot.

With over 20 years of excellence marked on our belt, 

our expertise is building infrastructure that scales

and above all – we reduce cost!


We can work with Devops teams or independently

on Cloud based infrastructure or any other hosting solution


The result will be better technology for you – with cost reduction!

Our Services:
Cloud Computing, Big Data, Devops Consulting and Cost Reduction Services




“Working with Shahar on cloud and hosting infrastructure and on cost management,  has proven to be an excellent decision. Every time he reviewed any cost aspect his recommendation saved us a lot of money, while improving our scalability and availability. He is definitely a top class expert with excellent results on large scale implementations”   

(Tamir Carmi, COO & Co-Founder, ironSource)



“Shahar is an instrumental cloud and infrastructure expert, a great business partner with fantastic communication skills. Shahar is constantly over-achieving in the results and insights he delivers + brings values far beyond the tasks he was working on. Very much recommended as a partner, provider and a lecturer (educator).”

(Ami Gal, CEO & Co-Founder, SQream)

“We hired Shahar to help Dealply scale before the shopping season in 2011, and have been working with him ever since. Shahar is a real devops scalability expert and cost reduction partner, but on top of that he is the kind of consultant that goes far beyond the standard commitment and dedication, always on the exact details. Every time we see our cost going down thanks to his actions and recommendations, and every time we successfully handle yet another extreme load peak – we know we chose the best consultant in the market. If you are paying for Cloud Services, or if you’re willing to build something big  – he is the person you want with you!”

(Evyatar Shoresh, CEO, Dealply)

Some excerpts from recommendation given on LikedIn


“Constantly over-achieving in the results and insights…”
“Has exceeded expectations…”


“Single handedly overhauled the company’s IT infrastructure and prepared it for future growth…”
“A master of his craft…”


“The rare combination of a 30K foot view along with the nitty gritty get-your-hands-dirty details….”
“There’s very few people in the industry with his breadth and depth of expertise…”



“You get a true feeling that every minute is properly spend….”


“A pleasant and educating experience, personally and professionally…”
“Always with a smile and a great attitude…”


“100% trustworthy…”
“Never met a consultant who shows such commitment…”




Speaking Engagements

Here’s a highlight list of the speaking engagements, that cover topics related to cloud computing consulting, big data consulting, devops consulting and cloud cost reduction and management. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in booking your presentation.

  • “Internet of Things – Reshuffling Cloud Computing Once Again”
    Cloud Expo Europe
    Frankfurt, Germany, 2015
    Speaker and Panel Moderator
  • Seminar for Developers – Cloud Computing
    Crete, Greece, 2015
  • “Elasticity of the Cloud”
    SEE Cloud Computing Forum
    Zagreb, Croatia, 2015
    Speaker and Panelist
  • “Elasticity RuleZ!”
    Mykonos, Greece, 2014
  • “Cloud Computing as an innovation and business accelerator”
    Cloud and Big Data – CEE, CIS and Russia
    Vienna, Austria, 2013
    Speaker and Conference Chair
  • “Where Does My Money Go?
    Budget and Capacity in the Age of Cloud Computing”
    Cloud Expo Europe 2013
    London, UK, 2013
  • “The questions you should ask your vendor when moving to the cloud”
    Cloud Expo europe 2011
    London, UK, 2011
  • “Cloud Computing  –
    How to stay in control when parts of your datacentre are out of sight”
    DataCentre Expo 2010
    Dusseldorf, Germany, 2010
  • “Cloud Computing –
    Reducing the price of the entrance ticket”
    Cloud Computing Europe 2009
    Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
  • “When your mobile phone starts spying on you”
    Mobile Life 2009
    Barcelona, Spain, 2009
    Speaker and member of the Executive Committee


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