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“I’ve seen some amazing cost reduction opportunities being missed simply because it was nobody’s job”

Over the past few years Raz Technology Services have helped companies reduce their monthly cost on Cloud Computing, Hosting and Infrastructure. We have done this without compromising quality of service and delivery. On the contrary, we kept improving both technology and business for our clients, while helping them pay less every month.

Many people will ask, how is this so?

To paint a vivid picture I will give you some examples of the most common questions we are asked and our response as we prove our legitimacy and prowess.

“Can our cost be reduced?”

Cloud computing is an amazing enabler. However, when focused on progress and on business, teams are usually dedicated to their tasks, and not to the operational cost.  This poses a problem because there is not enough attention and effort in the way of mitigating expenses while conducting business proceedings.  The elastic nature of Cloud, and the pay-per-use models have introduced a scenario many companies are facing: it works well, everyone is happy about delivery and about the speed they can move forward, but the cost may become painful.  This conundrum causes dissonance because the very thing that is enabling progress is the very same thing that can cause financial constraints.

Another common scenario is a company that grows fast, while being surprised by the cost of the infrastructure. This is simply because of the fact that when looking at the small operation they assumed the cost will remain the same for a larger business activity, while the truth is, at best, it grows in parallel. In less efficient operations it may even grow much more, due to architecture or technology considerations.  With this being the case, there needs to be a checks and balances approach taken to help offset the incurred costs.
Having worked with different organizations, from small startup companies to large scale operations, I can now say that I know how to identify inefficiencies and high cost spots on cloud implementations.  In many cases I can identify the cost reduction opportunities, pinpoint the issues and event instruct companies in a step-by-step manner on their way to a successful cost reduction.  This brings us to our next question which is highly inquired.

“Is it normal that we pay too much?”

As troubling as this may sound, yes, I think it is. It doesn’t mean that your teams are not professional enough, or that your technology is not good enough. It simply means that you weren’t focused on cost reduction efforts. In fact it means you’re great. Being constantly focused on cost reduction would have probably given you a lower cost bill but no product, service, or business growing the way your business did.  The problem lies not within your business savviness rather your acute sense of economic efficiency.

“But we already know how to reduce cost!”

I’ve seen companies that know how to reduce cost, but haven’t done it due to focus. I’ve seen companies that know some part of the things they should do, but were not aware of some lower hanging fruits they could pick. I’ve seen some amazing cost reduction opportunities being missed simply because it was nobody’s job.

“What if we have systems watching over our cost?”

If you’re happy with what you’re paying that’s perfect. But sometimes it takes more than systems, or processes, or monitors. Sometimes it takes deep analysis, based on best practices and good understanding of your industry common metrics to know if you’re cost efficient or not, and to identify the spots that can be improved.

“How do we start?”

We talk about your goals, business and technology, and we review your cost down to the tiny details. We want to understand exactly what your company is paying for. We consider things like common practices, industry experience and performance and compare them to your metrics. We then start looking for immediate cost reduction opportunities, as well as short and long term efforts you could invest to improve upon.

“Is this all theoretical?”

Not at all. We provide delineated steps you should take, each with an estimate of the potential cost savings for you, and an estimate of the effort needed based on our experience. You will be able to prioritize and start saving money immediately. A good approach would be to cover low-hanging-fruit and use the available budget it creates to handle the next topics on the list. In fact none of our recommendations is theoretical: it is all actionable, custom defined for your organization.

“If we know what to do and we haven’t done it already, what’s going to change?”

We give you numbers, we help you prioritize. Our experience shows that this alone is a great accelerator of cost reduction. We can also offer our hand-in-hand support by way of our bi-weekly sessions with you, focused on specific metrics, solving problems together.

“Is it expensive?”

Well, we have several pricing models.  You can rest assured that our pricing model will support the cost reduction efforts.


If you’re unhappy with what you’re paying for Cloud Computing – let’s talk.

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